Research in the section Ingredient and Dairy Technology

Cheese Powder as a functional ingredient in complex food matrices

Cheese powder is primarily added to various food products to provide flavor. However, in addition to this, cheese powder has functional properties (e.g. water binding and emulsification) due to the content of protein, peptides and fat coming from the cheeses and other ingredients used as raw materials. The overall objective of the project is therefore to understand the multifunctional properties of cheese powder and enable the production of cheese powders with enhanced functionality and flavor.

UHT treatment and storage effects on the biological quality of liquid infant formulas_ny

In this project, differently UHT-treated milk and liquid milk-based preterm formula are packaged, stored and the Maillard reaction, oxidation, AGEs, protein damage and bioactivity are investigated. AGE binding to receptors on pig intestinal cells and inflammation are studied and selected products are fed to weak, preterm pigs to study effects on digestibility, intestinal functions and inflammation in the intestine.

WASHO3, Work Package 5.1

This project investigates the stability of ozone dissolved in water, under conditions relevant for the use of ozone for washing fruits and vegetables. The greater objective of the WASHO3 project is to produce an ozone-based solution for the fruits and vegetables food industry, that is capable of extending the shelf life of their products. It is the role of the University of Copenhagen in the WASHO3 project to establish the knowledge of ozone-degrading reactions and set up guidelines to achieve optimal ozone concentrations in water.