Iben Lykke Petersen

Iben Lykke Petersen


Medlem af:

    Primære forskningsområder

    • Plant protein ingredients, especially from pulses
    • Anti-nutrients, in particular protease inhibitors
    • Plant protein nutritional quality (protein digestibility, amino acid composition)
    • Effect of processing (e.g. extraction and fractionation, but also extrusion, cooking, and fermentation)
    • Healthy and sustainable plant-based foods


    Aktuel forskning

    Ongoing research projects:

    2024-2027: PI on 'The flip side of protease inhibitors from pulses: legume seeds as immune system enhancers (Immune SEEDstem), Plant2Food (A Novo Nordisk Foundation sponsored initiative)

    2024-2027: Co-PI on 'Tasty, healthy and safe Danish pulses with added value for consumers (Velsmagende, sunde og sikre danske bælgfrugter med merværdi for brugerne) (Dansk Bælg/Danish Pulse), Grønt Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram (GUDP) 

    2022-2025: PI on ‘Beyond Sustainability: a holistic approach to evaluate the nutritional quality of plant protein-based foods’ (BEYOND), Independent Research Fund Denmark (IRFD), Thematic research – Green Transition 

    2021-2024: Co-PI on ’Tempeh – a solution for eating healthy and climate-friendly (Tempeh – en løsning til at spise sundt og klimavenligt)’ (Tempeh), Grønt Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram (GUDP) 

    2020-2024: Co-PI on ’New Extruded Plant Protein for Future Nutritious Foods (Nyt ekstruderet planteprotein til fremtidens ernæringsrigtige fødevarer)’ (NekstPro), Grønt Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram (GUDP) 

    2020-2024: Partner on Smart Protein for a Changing World. Future-proof alternative terrestrial protein sources for human nutrition encouraging environment regeneration, processing feasibility and consumer trust and acceptability’ (SmartProtein), EU Horizon 2020

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    Previous research projects:

    Previous research activities are linked to the EU-project PROTEIN2FOOD (www.protein2food.eu), where my focus is on the characterization of protein fractions and protein-rich products derived from high protein quality crops (quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat) and grain legumes (lupin, faba bean, chickpea and lentil), as well as analysis of (anti)-nutritional compounds.

    Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

    • Biokemi 1, (BSc, kursusansvarlig for den eksperimentielle del af kurset)
    • Plants for Foods - Processing and Functionality, (MSc, underviser)

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