Brewing Science and Technology

Brewing of beer includes natural raw materials: water, malt, adjuncts, hops and yeast.

The process steps for production of the beer includes milling of malt, mashing, lautering, boiling of the wort, separation of trub, cooling, aeration, fermentation, maturation, stabilisation, filtration, gravity adjustment, carbonation and packaging into a container. The Brewing Science and Technology research group aims to understand the influence of the raw materials as well as the individual process steps on the quality of the final beer. Furthermore, the aim is to understand how we can influence the final quality and make beer in a sustainable way.



  • 2-roller malt mill (Maltman 75)
  • Four kettle pilot brewhouse (Kaspar Schulz) – cast out wort volume 50-100 litre, incl.
    • Temperature controlled mash kettle
    • Lauter tun
    • Wort kettle with external boiler and hop dosing vessel
    • Whirlpool
    • Wort cooler and aeration device
  • Temperature controlled fermentation tanks: 8 * 40 litre, 2 * 60 litre and 1 * 30 litre (Speidel)
  • EBC Congress Mashing Apparatus with 8 * 200 ml mash beakers (Lochner)







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Henrik Siegumfeldt Associate Professor +4535333286 E-mail
Kim Lou Johansen Senior Consultant   E-mail
Mogens Larsen Andersen Professor +4535333262 E-mail