Plant-based food research at UCPH FOOD

With an increasing protein demand, expected to double by 2050, and the significant environmental impact of livestock, e.g. responsible for 15% of the anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, a shift to plant based proteins is required towards a sustainable future. The research in plants at Department of Food Science (UCPH FOOD) aims at solving global food challenges and ensures optimal utilisation of plant-based raw materials and side streams.

UCPH FOOD carries out research that creates practical solutions for societal challenges and research that expand our knowledge within plants for food – often in close collaboration with the food and ingredient industries. The research field has a holistic and interdisciplinary approach that provides a molecular understanding of how the raw materials and processing affect functional and nutritional qualities of the final product. The research includes in-depth characterisation of raw materials, optimisation of process technology in relation to more sustainable processes, including the utilisation of side streams as well as improving the finished product in terms of functional, nutritional and sensory quality.

The scientific competencies include plant food biotechnology, chemistry and processing, extraction of raw materials and side streams, physicochemical characterisation of raw materials and ingredients in relation to food functionality, aroma development and flavour release; bioactive and anti-nutritional food components as well as protein, lipid and carbohydrate chemistry.







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Iben Lykke Petersen Associate Professor +4535321326 E-mail
Marianne Nissen Lund Professor +4535333547 E-mail
Poul Erik Jensen Professor +4535333340 E-mail


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