12 September 2017

New yearly PhD event at FOOD

PhD event

A new tradition has been started among the PhD students at the Department of Food Science (FOOD): The annual PhD symposium.

Picture of people looking at posters

15 posters were presented and judged by a poster committee, who found the first winner of the “PhD symposium poster award at FOOD”.

Written by PhD student at FOOD Maria Hougaard Kastvig

The symposium took place for the first time on 6 September 2017 and was arranged by and for PhD students at FOOD. The purpose was to strengthen academic collaborations as well as social interactions in the PhD group and between the four sections at FOOD.

The day was structured as a normal conference with PowerPoint presentations and poster sessions. It was an all-day event, starting at 8 AM with coffee and a welcome by Head of Department Anna Haldrup. It officially ended around 8 PM with a dinner. Some students, however, continued networking late into the evening.

The presenters for the day were FOOD PhD students sharing their research and giving either a poster presentation or an oral presentation, or (for the first year students) simply experiencing what it is like to be at a conference. Also, two former FOOD PhD students presented their further careers and gave career advice to the current students – the theme was whether to pursue a research career in academia or in the industry.

With 33 PhD students having signed up, the day was a great success.

There were 15 posters presented, judged by a poster committee. The very first winner of “the PhD symposium poster award at FOOD” was Peter Bæk Skou from Food Analytics and Biotechnology with a poster titled: “Applying extreme value theory to characterize food-processing systems”. However, all posters impressed the four members of the committee.

The day ended with dinner at restaurant Karmaman, where it was agreed to make the event a tradition and plan a new symposium in 2018.