Section for Food Analytics and Biotechnology

Food Analytics and Biotechnology (FAB) conducts research and provides education at the highest international standards to explore, characterize and develop food quality with special emphasis on supporting the ongoing sustainable and green food transition.

FAB uses protein biochemistry, proteomics, metabolomics and foodomics to investigate digestibility and health effects of foods, to develop enzymes for food applications and food structuring and for optimization of sustainable food processes by using sensors, process analytical technology, and machine learning.

The section works in interdisciplinary research environments and typically in close collaboration with industrial partners.

Research Groups


  • Plant food quality and functionality
  • Interaction between food and human health, including digestibility
  • Development, digitalization and optimization of bioprocesses and food processing technologies
  • Circular economy by utilizing side and waste streams for developing novel food ingredients
  • Molecular profiling of food through advanced analytical platforms


The section for Food Analytics and Biotechnology is always open for collaborations with both academic institutions and private industry. This can be at any level from joint Bachelor's and Master's projects to long-term research collaborations.


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