UCPH FOOD’s research in food processing

Research in how to best process our food helps to form the basis for the Danish food industry and is a high priority research focus at the Department of Food Science (UCPH FOOD). With this research we create and communicate new knowledge of interest to society, including to consumers, the food industry and related industries as well as our students who will help shape the future food industry.

Some foods can be eaten directly after harvesting. This applies, for example, to vegetables, fruit and fresh milk. But a significant portion of our food is used as raw materials and ingredients and is processed before it reaches our dinner table, for example, bread, cold cuts and ready-made dinner dishes. Processing typically also involves increasing food safety or shelf-life, which is the case for pasteurised milk, fermented milk products like yoghurt and skyr, or salt pickled or sugar preserved products like gherkins, beetroot, red cabbage, pickled herring and sausages.

A wide range of disciplines at UCPH FOOD are engaged in food processing:










































Frans van der Berg

Associate Professor

Anni HougaardAnni Bygvrå Hougaard
Associate Professor