19 September 2017

Video about gastrophysics with professor Ole G. Mouritsen


Video from professor Ole G. Mouritsen's professor inaugural lecture with the title: Gastrophysics - from gastronomy to science and back again.

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Category: Statistics, Marketing

Professor in gastrophysics and culinary food innovation Ole G. Mouritsen's inaugural lecture held at the Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, defines gastrophysics as a science that focuses on gastronomical potential and value, in particular in relation to taste, flavor and mouthfeel.

Gastrophysics draws on physical chemistry, molecular biophysics, soft matter science and contain aspects of the following disciplines but is not identical to them: Cooking, food science, nutritional and health sciences, sensory sciences. See the video for further definition and examples of research.

The lecture took place in August 2017.