2 March 2015

Introducing delicious bugs in Bangkok


Nordic Food Lab was setting insects in a gastronomic context in Thailand.

Head Chef at Nordic Food Lab Roberto Flore at Le Cordon Bleu in Bangkok. Photo: Le Cordon Bleu.

Head Chef at Nordic Food Lab, Department of Food Science (FOOD) at University of Copenhagen, Roberto Flore, introduced chefs and students at esteemed French cooking school  Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, Bangkok, to ant-infused gin and a shot glass of warm cricket consommé. The occasion was the workshop Insects in a Gastronomic Context, which took place on 19 February 2015. Here, Roberto Flore worked with local chefs to develop interesting recipes with locally produced insects, with the aim to overcome the Thai culinary elite’s prejudices to eating or cooking insects in a high-end gastronomic context. This was the first event featuring insects in the food creation in the 120-year history of the Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School.

The event was part of a research trip to the Thai insect production sector, with participants from the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), the Department of Nutrition Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen and Roberto Flore from Nordic Food Lab, Department of Food Science (FOOD).