Utilisation of high-protein diets by elderly people

This project will provide useful knowledge to adjust the recommendations for increased protein intake to combat the age-related loss of muscle mass in elderly people.

Period: 2014 - 2018

Beyond the age of 50 years, the healthy body starts to lose muscle mass with an annual rate of up to 1-2 percent. If left untreated, this will lead to decreased muscle strength and may result in loss of independence and quality of life.

The age-related loss of muscle mass is likely to be counteracted if elderly people increase the level of protein in their diet and continue to exercise. 

The aim is to contribute to formulating beneficial strategies for protein intake and exercise to combat age-dependent muscle loss.










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Project: Utilisation of high-protein diets by elderly people
Original title:
 Indflydelse af kostens totale proteinindhold og akut træning på udnyttelsen af vallesupplement og måltidsindtaget kasein

Period:  January 2014 - January 2018
Funded by: Danish Dairy Research Foundation
FOOD grant: DKK 952,400
Total budget: DKK 4,934,000
Total grant: DKK 2,469,000


Picture of Dennis Sandris NielsenDennis Sandris Nielsen
Professor with special responsibilities
Microbiology and Fermentation