Food Microbiology and Fermentation

The overall aim of our research group is to exploit the full potential of food related microorganisms to transform various raw materials into delicious, nutritious, safe, and sustainable food products.

Picture of sauerkraut and bell peppers

To do so, we aim to get a detailed knowledge on the biodiversity, genomics and physiology of both pro- and eukaryotic microorganisms with main focus on bacteriophages, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and moulds. A fundamental and mechanistic understanding of microbial interactions from the single cell level to the overall interactions with the food matrix is achieved to optimise food production and assist in solving new global challenges such as the transition to a more plant based diet.

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  • Food and beverage fermentation

  • Dairy microbiology and biochemistry

  • Starter culture development

  • Microbial food safety

  • Microbial spoilage

  • Yeast taxonomy and physiology

  • LAB genomics

  • Bacteriophages

  • Single cell studies

  • Microbial interactions

  • Fermentation for nutritional improvement including pre-, pro- and postbiotics



  • iCinac

  • Biolector 2

  • Infors (solid state fermentor)

  • Flow cytometer (FACS)

  • Fluorescence microscopes


  • Cell lab, TEER

  • ON rep seq

  • qPCR, Fluidigm

  • Dairy pilot plant

  • Brewing pilot plant

  • Class I and II, GMO laboratories

  • Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis

  • CellAsic




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Aideh, Bashir Laboratory Technician +4535336722 E-mail
Arneborg, Nils Associate Professor +4535333266 E-mail
Bjørklund, Marina Kryger Laboratory Technician +4535336724 E-mail
Jespersen, Lene Professor +4535333230 E-mail
Knøchel, Susanne Professor +4535333258 E-mail
Larsen, Nadja Academic Research Staff +4535333235 E-mail
Miguel, Gabriela Andrea PhD Student   E-mail
Røder, Henriette Lyng Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535330438 E-mail
Siegumfeldt, Henrik Associate Professor +4535333286 E-mail
Stefanova, Denitsa Vladimirova Laboratory Technician +4535326540 E-mail
Wiedenbein, Emma Schack PhD Fellow +4535334675 E-mail

Contact the research group leader:

UCPH FOOD section: Microbiology and

Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen (UCPH FOOD)
Rolighedsvej 26, room number 2-85 A435
1958 Frederiksberg C
Phone +45 35 33 32 30