16 June 2014

Prestigious award to Associate Professor Jose Amigo Rubio


José Amigo Rubio from Department of Food Science has received the 2014 Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems Award due to his significant contribution to the development and dissemination of chemometrics worldwide.

The award was presented to José Amigo Rubio at the XIV Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry conference in Richmond, Virginia, USA, the 12th of June, 2014. The winner is represented by a chemometrician, not older than 40 years of age, who has contributed significantly to the development of chemometrics in the last 5 years. He won thanks to his substantial publication record and especially to the collaborative character of his vision about Chemometrics coupled with the amount of PhD courses, advanced courses and, in general, teaching, that he has developed in Denmark and abroad to spread this discipline.

José Manuel Amigo from Department of Food Science receives the 2014 Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems Award at the XIV Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry conference, Richmond, Virginia, USA.

José Manuel Amigo’s reaction upon winning is represented by a mixed feeling. He declares, just after having received the award: "I feel really happy, of course. I still cannot believe it. It is a big responsibility that your name is together with previous awarders (for example, Rasmus Bro). So it is also a little bit scary!

According to Professor Rasmus Bro, José Manuel Amigo has well-deservedly won the 2014 Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems Award. He says: "This award is highly prestigious and has only been given to a small select group of people, for all of which it was obvious that these were or would be future trendsetters in chemometrics. This year is no exception." He continues: "There are few continents and few chemometricians that have not worked together with José Manuel Amigo. Even at this early stage of his career, his impact in chemometrics and in the application of chemometrics is breathtaking. He has done high impact research e.g. in analysis analytical chemical data (chromatography) or even more so in so-called hyperspectral imaging".

Jose Manuel Amigo (brief academic profile)
Associated professor from 2011 at the Department of Food Science, section for Spectroscopy and Chemometrics.
Main research core topics Hyperspectral and Digital Image Analysis, Chemometrics in chromatographic data and Environmental monitoring.

Scientific activities:

  • Previous and ongoing intensive collaboration with more than 20 research groups around the world, for example Spain, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Brazil (having publications with most of them) 
  • Main coordinator of five for free PhD courses, with very different topics, from teaching MATLAB at several levels, to R studio, hyperspectral image analysis, etc..
  • More than 300 hours teaching in courses around the world about topics that includes from basic chemometrics to more advanced methods. 
  • Coordinator of a special issue in Analytical Methods Journal entitled “Chemometrics: Tutorials in advanced data analysis methods”, where there are shown pros and cons of different chemometric methods in very diverse fields of analytical chemistry. Editorial member of Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis, American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, ISRN Medicinal Chemistry.
  • Co-author in more than 80 publications (52 peer-review papers in international journals, books and book chapters, peer-review proceedings, etc.). A special list is available at http://www.models.life.ku.dk/jmar
  • Lectures in many different international congresses (more than 20 invited conferences, more than 30 regular conferences and more than 50 posters)