Development of natural powder mixtures from crickets

Period: 2018 - 2019

Edible insects and derived ingredient products are gaining considerable interest in the food industry mainly due to their environmental and animal-welfare benefits. Crickets are a promising novel food source that may contribute to the transformation towards a more sustainable food production and food consumption patterns. These insects are naturally rich in both protein (55% protein) and organic vitamin B12 (800‒1200% of the recommended daily intake per 100 g of milled dry powder). Vitamin B12 is not found naturally in fruits and vegetables, implying that it must be obtained by intake of animal food sources (e.g. milk, meat), fortified foods, or synthetic dietary supplements. The high level of vitamin B12 in crickets may be a valuable alternative for specialist consumers such as non-strict vegetarians or flexitarians to satisfy their daily vitamin B12 need and avoid deficiency. The aim of this project is to develop powder product formulations based on a combination of crickets, plant-derived proteins, and other natural food ingredients. High quality mixed powder products will be prepared with different economical, nutritional, and functional profiles, and concurrently tested in application studies with various food prototypes. This work will also include an investigation of potential synergistic or anti-synergistic interactions amongst different nutritional constituents in the mixed products.

Funded by:

Project: Development of natural powder mixtures with functional micronutrients from crickets
Period:  1st of December 2018 - 1st of December 2019
Grant donor: Vækstforum Sjælland, The European Union
Total grant: DKK 250,000