Ingredient and Dairy Technology

The section conducts basic and applied research within all aspects of ingredient development and dairy science and technology with the unifying theme of attaining a molecular level understanding of the chemical, physical and biological behaviour of food components in the raw material, through processing to the final food product during storage and use.

The section has internationally acknowledged expertise within bio-extraction, fractionation, purification and sustainable processing, protein, carbohydrate and lipid chemistry, functionality and modification, kinetics, oxidation, food engineering, rheology, enzymology and advanced imaging techniques.

As well as having access to a wide range of state of the art chemical and physical analytics, food processing instrumentation and cellular assays the section is equipped with pilot facilities for dairy food production, plant and meat based ingredient production, brewing and baking and frequently collaborates on research projects with major food industry players both in Denmark and abroad.

Research areas

  • Food and by-product processing
  • Food microstructure, food rheology, food texture
  • Bio-active food components
  • Protein, lipid and carbohydrate chemistry
  • Dairy process engineering
  • Food material science and stability
  • Molecular functionality
  • Metabolic fate of food components
  • Bioprocessing technologies from agricultural products
  • Binding studies
  • Food and feed biochemistry and metabolism
  • Analytical biochemistry and enzymology