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Ingredient and Dairy Technology

The section conducts teaching and research within food ingredient development, brewing, dairy science, and food technology. This is based on a multiscale approach, where molecular chemical, physical, and biochemical properties of food components are linked through the influence of processing to the properties of foods and beverages.

The section has internationally acknowledged expertise within novel sustainable processing technologies, protein, polyphenol and lipid chemistry, functionality, and modification of food components, kinetics, oxidation, food engineering, rheology, digitalisation, and advanced data analysis. The overall aim is to innovate the production of sustainable and palatable healthy foods.

As well as having access to a wide range of state of the art chemical and physical analytics, food processing instrumentation, and cellular assays, the section is equipped with pilot facilities for brewing and dairy food production. The section has extensive collaborations on research projects with major food industries in both Denmark and abroad.

Research areas

  • Food processing

  • Food microstructure, food rheology, food texture

  • Bioactive food components

  • Protein, lipid and carbohydrate chemistry

  • Dairy process engineering

  • Food material science and stability

  • Molecular functionality

  • Food chemistry and physics

  • Digitalization, control, and process dynamics

  • Multivariate / chemometric data analysis


Mogens Larsen AndersenMogens Larsen Andersen
Head of Section
Tel: (+45) 35 33 35 07

Jeanette Venla Hansen

Tel: (+45) 35 33 32 39