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Marcel Skejovic Joehnke

Marcel Skejovic Joehnke


PhD student at the Section of Biochemistry and Bioprocessing, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen. My research is supervised by Assoc. Prof. Jens Christian Sørensen and Assoc. Prof. Keld Ejdrup Markedal.

The PhD project entitled "Functional Rapeseed Proteins for Food" is part of an interdisciplinary research project called HAPFAM (Healthy and Affordable Protein Rich Foods for the African Market). The aim is to establish a new business area for Danish food industry through an understanding of the production of healthy and affordable, blended products for the growing African middle-class, based on mixtures of isolated proteins from plants (rapeseed is used as a model) and milk. Development of new methods for the isolation of specific protein fractions from rapeseed and investigation of their functional properties will enable creation of novel blended foods products with high nutritive value. Biochemical characterization and analysis of isolated rapeseed protein will predict the molecular interactions between plant and milk proteins, whereas the functionality will be determined using physicochemical analyses. The gained knowledge will support collaboration with the industry and provide the outlines for future new food products derived from plant material.

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