Platform for Dairy Process Technology

To meet Danish dairy industry future needs in the area of dairy processing, the vision of this professorship is to support the development of innovative and sustainable processing solutions for manufacturing of high quality, healthy and natural dairy products.

Our mission is to deliver high quality research and skilled dairy talents.

Research activities will be focused on understanding and controlling the role of processing on transforming milk and milk fractions into added value products and ingredients. This includes, without jeopardise safety, improving the health and nutritional benefits, flavour, texture and functionality as well as developing processing solutions for extension of shelf-life. The understanding of heat, pressure, electric field, mass and flow transport coupled with their effect on product structure (from molecular to macrostructural level) and kinetics (chemical or physical reactions) during processing allows extracting information that can be used to improve and design processing towards the required characteristics/functionality.



On going:

  • MSc Maiken Steen-Andersen, Shelf-life Extension of white brined cheese using HPP
  • MSc Emilie Nyborg Nielsen, Potential of Forward Osmosis in revalorisation of cheese salt brine 
  • MSc Mona Kristiansen, 3D printing of a dairy- protein based formulation
  • MSc Marie-Louise, Calcium precipitation in permeates effect of pH and temperature on kinetics
  • MSc Camilla Tybo, Calcium balance during direct acidification of Mozzarella cheese
  • MSc Andrew Wang


  • MSc Troels Bjerregaard Pedersen and Jesper Nagerstrup Brønd
  • MSc Hanna Nykvist
  • MSc Ammar Babar
  • MSc Hanna Burfeind
  • MSc Sissel Kvali
  • MSc Kalliopi Vlachvei
  • MSc Morten Christiansen
  • MSc Philip Christian B Zingenberg


  • Protein Digestion in High-Pressure Induced Milk Gels, Project outside the scope, Mar Vall-llosera, finalized March 2017
  • Rheological characterisation of skim milk concentrates with different dry matter contents, BSc thesis Marie Louise Petersen, finalised February 2017
  • Combination of ultrafiltration and high pressure processing for processing of skim milk,  BSc Emilie Vejen and Annemette Junge, finalised June 2017
  • Comparison of skim milk concentrates produced from standard skim milk and lactose free skim milk, BSc Nanna Hønholt and Signe Christensen, finalised June 2017
  • Performance of forward osmosis using aquaporin membranes during whey concentration, Project outside the scope, Emilie Nyborg Nielsen, November 2017






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Assistant Professors


  • Guanchen Lui (2017)
  • Ritika Puri
  • Martin Landerslev
  • Kataneh Aalei
  • William Ainis

PhD projects

  • Daniel Martin Eichler Munk 
  • Shuailing Yang
  • Morten Vormsborg Christiansen 
  • Caroline Cerebeli
  • Troels Bjerregaard Pedersen  
  • Jing Wang
  • Yuan Jiang
  • Xiaochen Liu