AMUSE: Advanced Methodologies to Understand Dairy Powder Stability and Promote Exports

The overall aim of AMUSE is to ensure growth of exports of dairy powders, through a validated tool . AMUSE has been designed to implement developments and have real world impact throughout the project and beyond.

Dairy powder is a stronghold of the Danish industry (total exports 150000 tn, euro 450m >11% growth). To maintain growth, manufacturers have to provide to emerging markets affordable, high quality, stable powders under challenging supply chains i.e. high temperature & relative humidity. Currently there is no industrially relevant methodology to predict quality degradation, presenting a significant limitation for growth.

To ensure growth of exports AMUSE will provide a validated platform to predict shelf life under real supply chains. AMUSE will bring together ARLA and Lactosan (dairy manufacturers) with Videometer (instrumentation), UoLorraine and UoCopenhagen (research & technology development). AMUSE will build new understanding of quality degradation occurring across different length scales for powders in real supply chains. Using this knowledge, we will build “Supply Chain Reactors” to monitor powder changes under controlled environmental conditions relevant to real supply chains using state of the art sensors. Data will feed into mathematical models (Virtual Powders) that combine mechanistic with data driven approaches to predict quality degradation in real supply chains.

Outcomes of AMUSE will be reactors, methods and mathematical models, that combined will provide robust shelf-life prediction to support ongoing and future dairy powder development. This will create jobs and 10-year value of euro 32m from West Africa & South East Asia and euro 75m from the wider market.





Funded by:

Innovation Fund Denmark

AMUSE has received a three year funding from Innovation Fund Denmark.

Project: AMUSE: Advanced Methodologies to Understand Dairy Powder Stability and Promote Exports
Period:  January 1st, 2022 - December 31st, 2025
Total budget: 18,922,870 DKK