Serafim Bakalis

Serafim Bakalis


My interest is to deliver sustainable dairy products by using a radically different way of product design. This requires the use of novel digital tools as well as a flexible-adaptive manufacturing processes, e.g. local manufacturing


I have an interdisciplinary background and a strong track record in the area of Product Engineering. I am interested in developing sustainable foods by using digital technologies to create value added propositions for consumers. This requires development of digital tools for product design as well as and new flexible-adaptive manufacturing processes, e.g. distributed manufacturing. This work was awarded the Institute of Chemical Engineers Hutchison Medal

My expertises lie in: 

(1) Combining engineering approaches, i.e. process modelling and developing new experimental rigs to design products. This includes for example design of particles for rapid reconstitution; Home and Personal Care Products; as well as designing foods for controled oral and digestive properties 

(2) Developing food manufacturing processes with a minimal energy requirement.  I have been in the area of processing foods/biomaterials over 15 years with interest in mixing, thermal treatment  as well as building process models with a view to optimise manufacturing. My ongoing work challenges the current manufacturing practices involving large scale, optimised factories with limited flexibility.  I am interested in exploring the idea of more distributed manufacturing as an energy effective, flexible, adaptable and more sustainable approach. This is linked to developing approaches that reduce the water and energy demand, for example by optimising Cleaning in Place processes.


I am course responsible for the course Dairy Product Technology 1. In the past I have led 10 courses over the years including the following MSc courses Food Processing; Structuring through Thermal Processing; Plant Optimisation. I have been involved in (1) £1.5m from BBSRC/UK to developed postgraduate training programmes to address the needs of industry (06/2007-06/2012), (2) 3 EU Erasmus+ programmes aiming to provide intensive training in the area of modelling foods. 

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