1 November 2021

Video: 30 years of insight into dairy research and education in 15 minutes

Reception speech

After 30 years of employment at UCPH FOOD (formerly known as Landbohøjskolen, KVL) is Richard Ipsen moving on to a position as professor emeritus. Watch his speech at the transitional reception on October 8 here:

During his time as professor at the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH FOOD), Richard Ipsen has played a central part in dairy research as well as the education of numerous candidates in Dairy Science and Technology. In relation to his transition from professor to professor emeritus, he gave a lecture at the reception on October 8, 2021, titled “30 years in 15 minutes”. In the lecture he outlines 30 years of development in dairy research and education while focusing particularly on the internationalization and digitalization of the university as well as the changing needs of the food industry.