15 June 2020

Upcoming UCPH FOOD professor Serafim Bakalis receives The Hutchison Medal


Serafim Bakalis, who starts on 20 July 2020 as professor in Dairy Product and Technology at the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH FOOD), has been awarded The Hutchison Medal for a scientific publication on sustainable alternatives to large-scale industrial food production.


The 19th century industrialization led to large-scale food production and made it possible to supply large populations / areas cost-effectively via a central production. But industrial large-scale production can at the same time be inflexible and adversely affect the environment, not least as it takes a lot of energy to transport food to consumers. The exploration of alternative production methods that can reduce the climate impact of food production is therefore crucial to creating a more sustainable food system. This is the context of the scientific publication that, along with two colleagues, has brought Serafim Bakalis the prestigious Hutchison Medal.

According to the publication, "distributed manufacturing" based on small scale decentralized production close to consumers is a potential alternative to centralized food production.

The publication presents a new model for the analysis and comparison of different types of food productions. The method combines design of the food productions with economics analysis and uses profitability and environmental impact as a measure of production viability. The purpose is to define the production scale scenarios where “distributed manufacturing” can become more advantageous - both economically and environmentally. The model is illustrated using two case studies: Produce of dry cereal (to be added water or milk) and produce of sliced bread.

Serafim Bakalis welcomes the medal given for contributions to the scientific literature that contributes with philosophical or thought-provoking perspectives, which are both possible to implement and have far-reaching significance for society. Read more about The Hutchison Medal.

Serafim Bakalis is planning to continue to exploring processing routes that will allow sustainable production of dairy products.