22 November 2019

Course in a handy tool for multivariate data analysis


A short 1-day hands-on course in Anova Simultaneous Component Analysis (ASCA)

Anova Simultaneous Component Analysis (ASCA) is a versatile tool for analyzing multivariate data from designed experiments. Based on ANOVA variance partitioning followed by bi-linear modelling of the individual effect matrices. The method offers detailed insight into small but systematic variance contributors that otherwise are masked by traditional techniques such as PCA. This workshop will uncover the basic principle in ASCA and give the attendees hands-on experience on how to use the tool on real data using the PLS_toolbox in Matlab®. Note that you have to have experience with PCA as well as design of experience to participate in this course.

Teacher: Morten Arendt Rasmussen

The course is taking place from 9 AM to 12 PM. Coffee will be included (no lunch).

Enroll to Rasmus Bro (rb@food.ku.dk) Nov 24th at the latest. Cancellations must be made no later than four days in advance or a fee of 500 DKK will be charged.