16 December 2013

Food science receives millions of kroner from The Danish Council for Strategic Research


Department of Food Science (FOOD) at University of Copenhagen is in charge of three new research projects funded by The Danish Council for Strategic Research with a total donation of more than 55 million kroner.

Head of Department Bjarke Bak Christensen, Department of Food Science is proud of the three new research projects:

"Our scientists are helping to solve the global food-related challenges":

- The project StrucSat investigates how food texture affects human energy uptake and satiety. The researchers take on the fight against the western world's obesity and overweight by optimizing the composition of the food in relation to how we absorb energy and feel satiety when we eat.

- In contrast to the overeating seen in the western world, Africa's population is at risk of malnutrition, which causes many diseases, among other things due to protein deficiency. In the HAPFAM project, researchers create new foods based on milk combined with isolated vegetable proteins from rape. It is a sustainable alternative to protein from meat production that has large resource requirements.

- Food production is consuming more water while water is an increasingly scarce resource. Researchers in REWARD project will provide Danish food with new core technology and knowledge that will allow a much more efficient use of water and thus will bring food producers closer to a 100% sustainable production.

"Here the researchers create protein foods, maximizing human energy intake and recycle our limited water resources. These are three central points of our research strategy that focuses on creating nutritious and sustainable foods to benefit consumers", concludes Bjarke Bak Christensen.

For more information contact:

StrucSat - "How food structure affects satiety", Professor Richard Ipsen, ri@food.ku.dk, Tel. 35 33 32 25

HAPFAM - "Healthy and affordable protein rich foods for African", Professor Jacob Holm Nielsen, jholm@food.ku.dk, Tel. 21 16 18 25

REWARD - Reuse of water in food and bioprocessing industry", Professor Søren Balling Engelsen, se@food.ku.dk, Tel. 35 33 32 05