Taste for life

This interdisciplinary, collaborative project will focus on the taste of food as a driving force for learning, education, food literacy and good practice.

Period: 2014 - 2018

Taste is a fundamental condition of life for all of us; it is with us every day, all day and throughout life, and it is a prerequisite for a good and healthy life.

The centre’s overall goal is to create a basis for better and richer lives for the Danish population.

The purpose of the project is to obtain and use research-based knowledge to create general understanding about and practice of taste as a basic condition for a good life.






Funded by:

Project: Taste for life
Original title: SmagForLivet
Period:  1st of July 2014 - 31st of May 2018
Grant donor: Nordea-fonden
Grant size: DKK 8,172,434
FOOD grant: DKK 3,287,000  
Total budget: DKK 42,051,000
Total grant: DKK 37,623,000


Picture of Michael Bom FrøstMichael Bom Frøst 
Associate Professor


The results of the project will be made publicly available and communicated to the general public using a wide range of means, including a special website, www.smagforlivet.dk (in Danish).