Sustainable, flavourful and healthy vacuum-dried products from food waste

Period: 2014 - 2020

The conversion of food waste into new valuable food ingredients and new products via energy-efficient vacuum-drying opens up the potential of a wide new market for the processing industries, and product developers and chefs.

Overproduction of food in highly developed countries is a reality, and consequently an increasing amount of environmental and economic resources are inefficiently utilised.

The high demand for fresh fruit and vegetable that meet the requirements for quality, freshness, shape and size causes overproduction.

About 110,000 tonnes of edible fruits and vegetables go to waste every year, which is approximately 33 percent of the produced amount of edible fruits and vegetables.

The food waste used as the basis for the present project is fit for human consumption.






Funded by:

Project: Sustainable, flavourful and healthy vacuum-dried products from food waste
Original title: Sustainable, flavourful and healthy vacuum dried products from food waste - WasteTaste
Period:  1st of August 2014 - 1st of July 2020
Grant donor: Green Developmet & Demonstration Programme (GUDP)
FOOD grant: DKK 5,114,792
Total budget: DKK 6,638,601


Picture of Sandra S. WæhrensSandra S. Wæhrens 
Assistant professor 
Design and Consumer Behavior 

Fact box


In this sector, by ‘waste’ we refer to peel, ends and odd-shaped pieces of fruit, vegetables and berries that are not considered fit for commercial sale. In addition, we also refer to general overproduction and the overproduction of packed ready-to-eat mixed fruits, vegetables and berries. 


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