Enzymatic improvement of taste in protein hydrolysates

The aim of the project is to improve the taste of extracted protein from blood using enzyme technology, with a focus on enhancing umami and kokumi. We have at the University of Copenhagen developed an enzymatic method for extracting protein from blood and hemoglobin. The result is a white protein powder with a relatively neutral taste.

In a new study, we have shown that with the help of enzymes it is possible to enhance the umami taste that is crucial for meat taste. We have tested the new product in a meat product where it was possible for a trained taste panel to taste the effect but it was relatively small. Therefore we want to optimize the enzymatic process by testing different enzymes - both commercial and enzymes purified from milk - to increase the effect. We also want to optimize the enzyme process itself and test the products in different meat products. 





Project: MultiFunk
Project period:  October 1st 2021 - September 30th 2022
Financed by: Norma og Frode Jacobsens Fond
Project budget: DKK 690,000 (UCPH budget) 


Associate professor


Name Title Phone E-mail
René Lametsch  Associate professor +45 35 33 34 83
Qian Li PostDoc +45 35 32 60 39