Refining green biomass SUBLEEM 2.0

PROJECT 'Refining green biomass SUBLEEM 2.0' IS COMPLETED
Period: 2018 - 2020

The aim of the project is to establish pilot scale facilities that make it possible to accelerate the development of concepts, technologies and processes that can make refining green biomass a sustainable industry among Danish companies.

The project will develop technological solutions to meet the increased demand for proteins that can come from other green biomass such as cultivated grasses with high protein content (e.g. clover, alfalfa and ryegrass). Waste streams from agriculture like sugar beet tops and green biomass from nature conservation are also relevant.






Funded by:

Project: SUBLEEM 2.0
Period:  1st of January 2018 of 30th June 2020
Grant donor: The Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP)
Grant size: DKK 2,840,000 
Total budget: DKK 4,160,000