Period: 2016 - 2018

The project FLAVOPROT investigates how to create flavourful and high quality protein powder from animal production.

The main goal of FLAVOPROT is creating flavourful and high quality protein powders from low value side stream products from animal production. Protein powders are a popular supplement for sports, children and elderly nutrition, and there is a great market potential in this area.

Proteins from animal material (diaphragm, blood, heart ...) have a great potential due to their low cost and high nutritional value. They are usually extracted by hydrolysis. However, the hydrolysis process leads to the formation of off-flavours, and the final product is not appealing. Therefore, there is a need to optimize the process for creating tasteful products. The project will investigate and describe the chemical reactions that occur during hydrolysis so that it can be optimized according to the desired properties of the finished product. New strategies to optimize the flavor of hydrolysates will be developed and tested . Then a protocol will be drawn up on the optimized process, and products will be sensory analyzed. Finally, two powder products with different flavors (sweet and savoury) with 80% high quality protein content will be developed.

Funded by:

Period:  1st of September 2016 - 30th of October 2018
Grant donor: Norma and Frode Jacobsen Foundation
FOOD grant: DKK 1,460,000
Total budget: DKK 2,499,200