Early milk and microbiota to stimulate later immunity- NEOMUNE

Project period: 2013 – 2018

Neomune will provide fundamental knowledge on how diet (milk and milk supplement) and early microbial colonization influence infant cognitive function and immune system and development.

Shortly after birth, infants must adapt to milk intake and tolerate colonization by billions of microbes along all body surfaces, including the gut. Together, the first diet and gut microbiota stimulate immunity, cognitive function and digestive development, with long term influence on health.

Through infant studies and by using piglets and mice as models NEOMUNE will investigate how early diet and exposure to microorganisms influence the immune system, cognitive function and digestive development.




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Lukasz Krych Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535332664 E-mail

Funded by:

Picture: Innovationfund-ENG-235x87.pngNEOMUNE has received 5 year funding from the Danish Council for Strategic Research. However, the council has been closed down and strategic research is now a part of Innovation Fund Denmark.

Funding: DKK 4,700,000
Early milk and microbiota to stimulate later immunity- NEOMUNE
Period:  July 2013 - June 2018