Food design and sustainability

The development and success of sustainable innovation in food science hinges on several critical understandings and their exploitation. At Food Design and Sustainability, we have the ability to combine knowledge on environmental sustainable raw materials, green chemistry principles in processing with detailed knowledge about the properties of food components in complex food matrices during processing, storage and consumption.

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We advance the development of sustainable foods rooted in our understanding of the interplay between green chemistry principles, functionality and consumer accept. We exploit molecular principles and gastronomical potential for environmental and rational improvements of foods.  We work with the utilization of unexplored raw materials, novel ingredients and bioactive compounds in the design of health-improving functional foods. Lastly, we integrate environmental and nutritional life cycle assessment of innovative processes aiming at zero waste food supply value chains and the future nutrient rich foods based on the interplay between functionality and consumer accept.


  • Food processing/production (large scale (industrial) and small scale (kitchen))

  • Product innovation/prototyping

  • Non-thermal/new technologies

  • In vitro protein digestibility (IVPD)

  • Product performance incl. instrumental and fast sensory methods

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Consumer accept

  • Gastrophysics


  • Gastronomic laboratories

Photo of gastronomic laboratories

  • Evaluation laboratory

  • Technologies; High pressure equipment, Ultra sound equipment

Picture of high pressure equipment

  • Differential scanning calorimetry



Group members:

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Anwar, Irsa PhD Fellow   E-mail
Echeverria Jaramillo, Esteban G Postdoc +4535334120 E-mail
Foley, Jason Daniel Research Assistant +4535330505 E-mail
Frøst, Michael Bom Associate Professor +4535333207 E-mail
Hielkema, Marijke Hiltje Postdoc +4535337941 E-mail
Iliev, Bogomil Emilov Research Assistant +4535325575 E-mail
Keshanidokht, Shaghayegh Industrial Postdoc +4535332779 E-mail
Nielsen, Cecilie Heide PhD Fellow +4535327665 E-mail
Olsen, Karsten Associate Professor +4535333201 E-mail
Orlien, Vibeke Associate Professor +4535333226 E-mail
Pandey, Sujita PhD Fellow +4535325599 E-mail
Putro, Andika Wicaksono PhD Student +4535337644 E-mail
Raupach, Robin Rosa Research Assistant +4535327488 E-mail
Raza, Husnain Postdoc +4535333425 E-mail
Reinbach, Helene Christine Associate Professor +4535323414 E-mail
Sansolios, Sanne Coordinator +4535327017 E-mail
Sjøstrøm, Kirsten Laboratory Coordinator +4535333203 E-mail
Ternstrøm, Laura Enøe PhD Fellow +4535334786 E-mail
Thomsen, Marianne Professor +4535323876 E-mail
Zhou, Xun PhD Fellow +4535332710 E-mail

Contact the research group leader: 

UCPH FOOD section: Design and Consumer

Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen (UCPH FOOD)
Rolighedsvej 26, room number 74-5-T577
1958 Frederiksberg C
Phone +45 35 32 38 76