31 May 2022

4 students from UCPH FOOD received the Nestlé Bachelor Award


The Nestlé Bachelor Award was awarded on 30 May 2022 to food students at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH FOOD).

Picture from Nestlé Award 2022
Nestle Award 2022 - from the left Professor Lilia Ahrné, the four recipients of the award, Nestlé-CTO Stefan Palzer and Head of Department at UCPH FOOD Anna Haldrup. Picture: Ester Ferrusola Pastrana

The Nestlé Bachelor Award, which is given at a Platinum, Gold, and Silver level, acknowledges students in the early stages of their food science studies. The three awards consist of 5000, 3000, and 1000 Danish kroner and include a visit to Nestlé in Switzerland. The award ceremony has been planned for two years but was postponed due to the Corona pandemic. 

”It is with great joy that we have been able to host this event that with its three awards acknowledges four of our students for their excellent, academic efforts as well as their communicational skills regarding their food studies. I am happy that an international company such as Nestlé has recognized the high level of our research and education, which enables students to contribute to the development of future foods on a global scale,” says Head of UCPH FOOD, Anna Haldrup.

CTO at Nestlé and Adjunct Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Stefan Palzer, were also present at the award ceremony.

The 4 award recipients

The awards were with the following motivations given to:

Platinum Award:

Marius Birkemose, who is driven by contributing to the development of new foods and processes through research that combines different scientific fields and by leading research teams. He sees himself working internationally in overcoming sustainability challenges that require diversity and creative perspectives.

Gold Award:

Sigrid Nørgaard Beldring, who is motivated to make a difference through an education in Food Science and Technology, with which she wants to contribute to a sustainable change in the food industry. Plant foods was the area that attracted her to research, but in the future she sees herself also working with business or management.

Silver Award:

Jonas Lærke Jørgensen and Kasper Andersen, whose interest in the food industry grew during their education as well as their joint industrial MSc thesis, which was an excellent opportunity to further develop their technical and academic skills.

They wish to contribute to the development of new and sustainable foods and technologies in order to tackle sustainability challenges, but may follow different career paths. Jonas contemplates working as product specialist or manager in the future, whereas Kasper may pursue an industrial PhD or start his own business.