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Armando Perez-Cueto - Speaker

  • Design and Consumer Behavior
All healthy eating guidelines require more plant-based foods in the diet. Although consumers are aware of such recommendations their food behaviours do not comply. Many engage in radical diets and short-term lifestyle changes with little success. Strong epidemiological data supports the idea that small changes performed in a consistent way can be more successful in achieve better dietary quality and weight control in the long-term. Therefore, one tool that can contribute to this aim is choice architecture (nudging) by facilitating small changes towards plant-based consumption. The objective of this presentation is to summarise the evidence from systematic reviews and empirical work about which nudges work (or not) in different settings, the challenges of upscaling to foodservice operations, and the opportunities for facilitating plant-based adoption by mainstream consumers. Strategic positioning in buffet works well to increase plant-based consumption without reducing energy intake. Upscaling to foodservice operations has several challenges, particularly if the target product is in competition with very familiar (safe) products. Opportunities exist if identified facilitators of plant-based consumption can be embedded into behavioural interventions.
21 Mar 201922 Mar 2019

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TitleProVeg New Food Conference
LocationKalkscheune, Johannisstraße 2, 10117 Berlin
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  • Nudging, Plant-based, Innovation, Food choice, VeggiEAT

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