PhageGut - phages for target specific manipulation of the gut microbiota

Project period: 2016 - 2019

Several human diseases are interrelated to imbalances or changes in the gut microbiota (GM) composition. Such imbalances, which often manifest early in life, have for instance been found to precede to later obesity, making early intervention through GM manipulation attractive. Consequently, there is strong scientific and commercial interest in developing target-specific GM manipulation tools.

Bacteriophages (phages) are viruses attacking bacteria in a host strain specific manner and there is a growing understanding that phages play key roles in shaping GM composition.















Funded by:

Logo Indenpendent Research Fund Denmark

Phagegut has received a 3 year funding from Independent Research Fund Denmark. Technology and Production Sciences, grant ID: DFF - 6111-00316. Total grant: 6,293,061 DKK

Grant owner:  Professor with special responsibilities Dennis Sandris Nielsen, Dept. Food Science, University of Copenhagen

Project partners: University of Copenhagen (Dept. Food Science, Dept. Veterinary and Disease Biology), Århus University (Dept. Environmental Science), Max Rubner-Institute, Université Laval, Universidad de los Andes

Project: PhageGut – Phages for target specific manipulation of the gut microbiota
Period:  2016-2019