FermPro - Sustainable manufacturing of FERMented PROtein-ingredients

The project “FERMPRO” aims to provide consumers with high-quality products based on plant protein ingredients developed using sustainable innovative technologies and production processes.

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Plant-based protein products can become a sustainable vegetable alternative to animal proteins in foods. FERMPRO will employ microbial fermentation and new technologies to develop plant-based ingredients from pea, beans or potato proteins. The newly developed plant-protein foods will differ from the existing products by an improved umami flavor and taste, meat-like texture and a higher nutritional value, as they will contain more essential amino acids than the products on the market today.

The objectives of FERMPRO are (i) to introduce fermentation as a sustainable technology for optimal utilization of Danish raw materials, (ii) to introduce fermented functional plant proteins as sustainable and tasty ingredients and meat substitutes, (iii) to develop an innovative technology platform involving microbial cultures and optimized solid phase fermentation, and to (iv) to develop more textured fermented protein ingredients adapted to relevant plant-based food.

The project will benefit the Danish food industry and consumer health with products of high nutritional quality and unique taste, applicable as meat substitutes and alternatives to soy protein sources


  • Microbial fermentation of plant-based protein products

  • Solid-state fermentation targeting plant raw materials

  • Development of starter cultures for fermentation of the protein products

  • Amino acids, peptides and nucleotides related to umami taste

  • Production of aroma compounds

  • Application of extrusion and other processes for texture improvement




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Lene Jespersen Professor +4535333230 E-mail
Nadja Larsen Academic Research Staff +4535333235 E-mail

Funded by:

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FERMPRO has received a three year funding from the Green Development and Demonstration Programme, GUDP

Project: FERMPRO
Project period: February 2021 – July 2024
UCPH budget: DKK 4,062,000