The Department Leader Team

The Department Leader Team is made up of the Management Team and the Heads of Sections. The Management Team deals with daily planning at Departmental level. The Heads of Sections deal with daily planning in each section.

The Department Leader Team make decisions for the Department of Food Science (UCPH FOOD).

The Management Team

Anna Haldrup
Head of Department

Annemarie Olsen

Deputy Head of Teaching

Nanna Viereck

Deputy head of Private and Public Sector Services

Carsten P. Sørensen

Head of Administration 

Hanne Drøidal

HR consultant, appointed representative

The Heads of Sections


Mogens Larsen Andersen

Head of Section for Ingredient and Dairy Technology

Susanne Knøckel

Head of Section for Microbiology and Fermentation

Wender Bredie

Head of Section for Design and Consumer Behavior

Søren Balling Engelsen

Head of Section for Chemometrics and Analytical Technology

Carsten P. Sørensen: Secretary for the Department Leader Team.