Åse Solvej Hansen

Åse Solvej Hansen

Associate professor emeritus, Associate Professor emeritus

Primary fields of research

  • Baking quality of rye varieties
  • Wheat types and varieties, inclusive the original wheat species.
  • Impact of manufacturing methods on aroma formation in bread, including the influence of various sourdough.
  • The stability of the industrial sourdoughs and how sourdough can inhibit the formation of a row line in the bread caused by Bacillus spp.
  • Baking quality of rye under the influence of variety and weather conditions, and variations in ingredients.
  • Change in composition during the industrial production of bread. This includes changes in chemical substances as dietary fiber, phenolic acids and phytate breakdown and release of minerals.
  • Effect of milling processes on the content of vitamin E in wheat flour, and changes during storage.

Recently, research into legumes has been involved in the form of the EU-funded research project on the African Marama beans.

The research work is based on several externally financed research projects and this has resulted in more than 60 international scientific articles


  • Organiser and instructor of several courses in Cereal Science on Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. levels.
  • Organiser and instructor of international courses in Food Culture.
  • Supervision activities > 50 Master students (Main supervisor) 12 Ph.D. students (Main supervisor)

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