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Richard Ipsen

Richard Ipsen


I'm professor in Food Structure Engineering, hence my field of research is understanding how molecular properties and interactions determine final product quality. My focus is on the texture and microstructure of dairy products.

Primary fields of research

  • Milk protein functionality
  • Modification of functional properties using enzymatic or other treatments
  • Gelation and interfacial properties
  • Rheology and microstructure of dairy products
  • Acid milk gels
  • Interactions between milk proteins and exopolysaccharides (EPS)
  • Interactions of milk proteins with other food proteins
  • Cheese functionality (melting)
  • How food structure affects satiety

Current research

Ongoing PhD projects:

  • William Ainis: Functionality of the complex food matrix: Molecular interactions between specific plant proteins and milk proteins. The PhD project is part of a larger project: HAPFAM - Healthy and affordable protein rich foods for African markets. The project is funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research.
  • Denise Felix da Silva: Matching raw materials for cheese powder to properties of feed and final product. Project funded by the Brazilian government and the company Lactosan A/S
  • Lykke Andersen: Understanding stabilizer functionality in soft-drink concentrates. Industrial PhD project with the company CoRo Foods.
  • Guanchen Liu: Interactions of whey protein ingredients with other milk components during processing and effects on final Financed by the Chinese government and the Danish Dairy Research Foundation

Other ongoing projects

  • Anni Hougaard, Richard Ipsen: Cheese powder functionality. Collaboration with Lactosan A/S
  • Richard Ipsen: Haramaya Camel Dairy (Ethiopia). Collaboration with DTU and Chr. Hansen A/S. Financed by Danida (Danish Development Aid Agency)
  • Richard Ipsen (project manager): StrucSat - How food structure affects satiety. Collaboration with Department of Nutrition, Sports and Excercise (KU), Department og Biology (KU), Danish Technical University (DTU), Institute of Food Reserach (Norwich, UK), National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (Norway), DuPont and Arla Food Ingredients. Financed by The Danish Council for Strategic Research.
  • Richard Ipsen: HAPFAM - Healthy and affordable protein rich foods for African markets, Participant and work package leader in WP2 on Functionality of protein fractions and protein mixtures. Financed by The Danish Council for Strategic Research.
  • ProComp: Understanding how added milk protein ingredients interact with other milk components during processing and how this affects final dairy product quality. Financed by the Danish Dairy Research Foundation. Copllaboration with Arla Food Ingredients and also involved DTU.
  • HEXPIN: Hetero-exopolyssaccharide–milk protein interactions. Associative interactions between exopolysaccharides from lactic acid bacteria and milk proteins. Gaining insights deployable in design of optimized food texture. Participation. Project takes place at DTU Bioengineering Biology financed by The Danish Research Council for Independent Research(Technical and Production Sciences).


Course responsible for the following courses:

  • Dairy Product Technology 1

In addition involved in:

  • Milk processing
  • Fødevaregrundkursus
  • Råvarekvalitet
  • Dyrs ernæring og præstation

Supervision of  >100 B Sc and M Sc projects, almost all in collaboration with industry.

Supervision of PhD students: 15 in total, 4 at present, co-supervision of 8 PhD students (3 at present)

Participation and management of tailor-made courses for industry

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