Nanna Viereck

Nanna Viereck

Associate Professor

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    Beyond research and teaching, I have worked as deputy head of research at the Dept. of Food Science since April 1, 2014 and as vice-manager in the section Spectroscopy & Chemometrics since February 1, 2009. At present, this uses most of my work hours. I enjoy being involved in the management of the department and the section incl. participation in the discussion of the strategic development of the department. 

    Primary fields of research

    In brief, my major research interests are: Development and various applications of liquid and solid state low and high field NMR spectroscopy for the study of food systems and in metabolomics. In particular, the use of quantitative NMR spectroscopy for screening of food quality parameters using multivariate approaches in the data analysis. Food systems include pectins/alginates, carbohydrates, lipids and fatty acids, together with whole food as milk, cheese, yogurt, cereal, bread, juice and beer. Furthermore, since NMR spectroscopy has emerged as a powerful non-invasive technique for both in vivo and metabolomic investigations, NMR studies of living biological tissue and biofluids are included in my work. I have participated in the development of the Dept. of Food Science metabolomics platform. 


    Teaching basic spectroscopy with focus on NMR at various courses. Teaching entrepreneurship in food in a shared course with DTU. Supervising bachelor, master and PhD students at the University of Copenhagen.

    • Course responsible Quantitative Bio-spectroscopy
    • Course responsible Food Entrepreneurship: Designing New Business Opportunities in the Food Sector

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