Lilia Ahrné

Lilia Ahrné


The main research focus is on understanding the effect of processing on physical, chemical and structural characteristics of foods, and uses this knowledge to develop new processes and products. I have worked with a large number of food matrixes and processes under study include both traditional and novel technologies.


Primary fields of research

  • Mild sustainable process technologies
  • Technologies to produce dairy powders and concentrates
  • Structure processing

Current research

On going projects:

• Platform for Platform for Novel Gentle Processing - (Mejerirationaliseringsfonden, Arla Foods and Copenhagen University) (2016-2022)

• Novel Aging – Technologies and solutions to manufacture novel dairy products for healthy aging funded by Innovation Fund Denmark / DDRF SuperCalcium (2017-2021)

• P project – Personalised food Products for Patients (3D printing) – Innovation Fund Denmark – (2018- 2021)

• ProOrg – ERA net Core Organic on Organic Processing - (2017- 2021)

• Effectiv drying and reconstitition of powder yogurt  (MFF/ GEA) (2018-2022)

• Gelcook - Elucidating the mechanism of formation of cookable milk gels - DDRF/Arla Foods (2020-2023)

• Procalcium -  Calcium dynamics during manufacturing of cheese - DDRF/Arla Foods (2021-2024)

• Structuring dairy proteins (Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant) (2021-2024) 

• Collaboration in Dairy Process Technology between the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and National Dairy Research Institute in India, funded by Novozymes A/S & The Henning Holck-Larsen Fond – 1 Postdoc (2017)

PhD Students

  • Morten Vormsborg Christiansen: Technological solutions to extend the shelf-life of milk concentrates as alternative to milk powders
  • Shuailing Yang: Non-thermal processing of milk: Effects on macromolecules and consequences for functionality
  • Caroline Cerebeli: Speciation and quantification of vitamin B12 in milk products submitted to thermal and non-thermal processes
  • Aline Teixeira Do Brasil Morais: Physical-chemical changes in caseins induced by non-thermal processing (UV-C and PEF)
  • Jing Wang: Designed dairy snack structures with improved calcium bioavailability
  • Xiaochen Liu:  Calcium bioavailability from food and beverages. The role of phase transitions and supersaturation
  • Yuan Jiang: Calcium binding peptides and bioavailability of calcium from dairy products
  • Dolores Dolores Vickovic: Effectiv drying and reconstitition of powder yogurt 
  • Emilie Nyborg Nielsen: Electrodialysis of acid whey to remove minerals and organic acids
  • Anne-Katrine Larsen: Elucidating the mechanism of formation of cookable milk gels
  • Ran Feng: Structuring dairy proteins
  • Yuan Qu: Milk concentrates with target composition and properties by innovative membrane processes
  • Gabriele d´Oria: Suspensions of colloidal gel particles: revealing the engineering parameters


Giovanni Baronne: Calcium dynamics during manufacturing of cheese

Merete Bøgelund Munk, 3P – Personalised food Products for Patients (concluded)

William Ainis , ProOrg – ERA net Core Organic (concluded)

Kataneh Aalei, Novel Aging – IFD/Brasil (concluded)

Guanchen Lui, Novel technologies (concluded)



Course responsible for the following courses:

  • Food Processing
  • Porduction of Liquid Foods
  • Dairy Processes and Equipment

In addition, I am involved in:

  • Thematic Course of Food Science and Technology

Selected publications

  1. Published

    Control of viscosity by addition of calcium chloride and glucono-δ-lactone to heat treated skim milk concentrates produced by reverse osmosis filtration

    Christiansen, M. V., Skibsted, Leif Horsfelt & Ahrné, Lilia, 2021, In: International Dairy Journal. 114, 10 p., 104916.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articlepeer-review

  2. Published

    Casein micelles in milk as sticky spheres

    Smith, G. N., Brok, E., Christiansen, M. V. & Ahrné, Lilia, 24 Sep 2020, In: Soft Matter. 16, 43, p. 9955-9963 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articlepeer-review

  3. Published

    Bioaccessibility of calcium in freeze-dried yogurt based snacks

    Wang, Jing, Aalaei, K., Skibsted, Leif Horsfelt & Ahrné, Lilia, 2020, In: LWT. 129, 8 p., 109527.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articlepeer-review

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