Leif Horsfelt Skibsted

Leif Horsfelt Skibsted

Professor emeritus, Professor, emeritus


  • 1972, Cand.pharm. Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Copenhagen
  • 1976, PhD. Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Copenhagen

Research and/or professional experience

  • 1974-1976, Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL)
  • 1976-1988, Associate Professor, Dept of Chemistry, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL)
  • 1978-1979, Research Associate, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  • 1988-1992, Docent, Dept of Chemistry, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL)
  • 1991-1994, Research Director, KVL Centre for Food Research
  • 1991-1995, Chairman of board, Institute for Dairy Research, KVL
  • 1992-2019, Professor of Food Chemistry/Physics, Department of Food Science
  • 2001-2004, Adjunct Professor, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, Kina
  • 2011-       , Chair Professor, Chemistry Dept., Renmin University of China, Beijing, Kina
  • 1992-2017, Technical consultant for Den Store Danske Encyklopædi (The Danish Encyclopaedia)
  • 1995-1997, Co-ordinator, EU-projekt, "Dietary Treatment and Oxidative Stability of Muscle and Meat Products: Nutritive Value, Sensory Quality and Safety", AIR2-CT94-1577
  • 2004-2010, Head of FOOD Denmark, The LMC Graduate School of Food Science and Technology
  • 2004-2006, Chairman, "Antioxidants and Health", report published, Danish Nutritional Council
  • 2007-       , Samvirke, Danish Food Coop Magazine, expert panel for consumer questions
  • 2008-2016, Associate editor, Journal of Food Science


  • 1972, H.C. Ørsted Medal, the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy
  • 1981, Ole Rømer Award, Danish Ministry of Education    
  • 1986, Ellen og Niels Bjerrum's Award and Gold Medal
  • 1993, Ulrik og Marie Brinch's Award
  • 1994, The Food Science Award, Danish Society of Food Science and Technology 
  • 1996, The Carlsberg Research Award in Agricultural Sciences           
  • 2001, Students Award as Teacher of the Year (Den Gyldne Tyr, KVL)             
  • 2005, Awarded Denmark's most-cited authors in Agricultural and Food Science (1990-2004) by ISI Web of Knowledge, Thomson Scientific  
  • Status as“Highly cited” author in ISI Web of Knowledge from 2006   



  • 1997-       , Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV), elected member
  • 1997-       , Editorial Board, European Food Research and Technology
  • 2003-       , International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST), fellow
  • 2003-2005, The Danish Nutritional Council (Ernæringsrådet), member
  • 2005-2008, The Danish Fitness and Nutrition Council (Motions- og Ernæringsrådet), member
  • 2008-       , L’Académie de la Gastronomie au Danemark, fellow
  • 2009-2014, Editorial Board, Journal of Functional Food
  • 2010-2017, Editorial Board, Food and Function
  • 2012-       , Editorial Board, Czech Journal of Food Science
  • 2015-       , Editorial Board, Journal of Food and Drug Analysis
  • 2016-       , Editorial Board, Food Science and Biotechnology



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