Klavs Martin Sørensen

Klavs Martin Sørensen

Associate Professor

Scientific methods

Highly skilled in vibrational spectroscopy (apparatus design, experiment design, theory & applications)

Highly skilled in the use of chemometric tools (PCA, PLS, PLSDA etc.), their application and theory

Highly skilled in Gas Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry (GCMS, GC-FID), injection methods, equipment operation, maintainance, experiemental design and data evaluation)

Very skilled in application of Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME) techniques for GC/MS applications

Skilled in application of static headspace sampling techniques for GC/MS applications

Very skilled in application of automatic handling (derivatization etc) for large volume sample counts

Very skilled in application of thermal adsorption/desorption sampling techniques & equipment for GC/MS applications

Fair skills in several mathematical diciplines (emphasis on matrix algebra)

Fair skills in statistics (application and theory)

Very skilled in ultrasonic measurement and image-forming techniques, their theory and application

Entry-level knowledge of relativistic and quantum physics 


Project management, 10+ years experience in

  • industrial application project development & specification
  • on-site management of industrial installation work
  • practical involvment in electrical and mechanical installation work


Activities highlights

  • January 2012 - Participant in the DNATF-funded "Pasteur program: Leading the Virtual Company”, a project manager education designed and executed by Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, targeting management of projects where innovation between private companies and public research institutions plays a significant role.
  • 2011 - 2013 (expected): Project manager on the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation sponsored project "ENCMP"
  • Jan 2009, cont. : Censor on the BSc/MSc cousce "Quantitative Food Spectroscopy" (Link to 2012 course description) 
  • 2008 - 2011: Project manager on the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation sponsored project "NitFom"


  • Fair experience with 3D visual expression and modeling of technical illustrations and animations using the Blender VFX pipeline 


Relevant Employment

June, 1998: Product engineer - On-site service of meat classification equipment in Germany, Spain, Poland and Denmark. SFK Technology A/S, Herlev (now Carometec A/S).

December, 1999: Software engineer, database- and data collection systems - Design & implementation of database control systems for on-line management of slaughter lines.SFK Technology A/S, Herlev (now Carometec A/S).

April, 2001: Development engineer (algorithms and modeling) - Development of chemometric solutions and algorithms for meat classification equipment. Counseling of customers and goverment bodies on calibration and data processing when calibrating and approving classification equipment. Counsellings of customers on optimization afcutting yield through mathematical modeling and carcass classification. Aid to sales division on technical clarification during contract negotiations. SFK Technology A/S,Herlev (Now Carometec A/S).

January, 2002: Research- and development manager - Primary role as department manager, including project, financial and staff responsibilities. In addition, continuation ofwork as software engineer in the company, technology scout for emerging technologies and company representative on misc. project steering committees of in- and externally funded projects. Member of the company management group. From August 2012 part time employment (50%) to accommodate scientific work at University of Copenhagen (see below). SFK Technology A/S, Herlev (Now Carometec A/S)

August, 2009: Research scientist, University of Copenhagen - Part-time (50%) employment as research scientist in the Quality and Technology research group at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Science. Research in the application of spatially resolved spectroscopy primarily for on-line grading of raw meat and meat productsat the abattoir, with the intention of obtaining a Ph. D. degree on the subject.

June, 2012: Senior Specialist (Chemometrics), Carometec A/S. Part-time employment.

June, 2012: Ph.d. fellow, University of Copenhagen - Full-time employment on ph.d. scolarship in the Quality and Technology research group at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, Department of Food Science. Scientific theme: On-line detection of undesired metabolites in slaughter carcasses

Knowledge of languages

  • Danish - Native proficiency
  • English - Full professional proficiency (with high technical emphasis)
  • German - Limited professional proficiency
  • 8+ years experience in sales presentation/assisting, technical presentations, non-technical formulation

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