23 February 2023

New PhD course in Sensory evaluation and food preferences

PhD course in sensory science

We offer a new PhD course in sensory science: "Sensory evaluation and food preferences". The course is open for registration until 11 April 2023 and takes place at the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen 10-12 may 2023. 

Photo of sensory boots
Photo of sensory boots

The course introduces the foundations of sensory science and the practice of performing sensory tests with trained panels and by consumers, including their design and execution and assessing sensory and consumer data.

Besides teaching classical sensory evaluation tools, attention is on measuring food motives in different cultural settings with an emphasis on healthy and sustainable food choices and the impact of situational contexts. The price for PhD students is 1500 DKK and for postdoctoral university staff/Non-profit 3000 DKK. For industry staff/for profit 7500 DKK. 

Learning outcome

  • Principles of sensory measurements and evaluation methods
  • Assessing healthy and sustainable food choices in cultural contexts
  • Healthy food preferences in different situational contexts
  • Ability to design sensory experiments, analyse and interpret sensory results
  • Critically assess literature in the fields of sensory and consumer research

Information and registration: https://bit.ly/3YTImjz

Payment: https://science.nemtilmeld.dk/1618/

Deadline: 11 April 2023


Senior advisor Henriette Hansen, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, henha@food.ku.dk


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