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Susanne Sørensen

Susanne Sørensen

Associate Professor

  • Ingredient and Dairy Technology

    Rolighedsvej 30, 1958 Frb. C, Højhus 72, Building: 72-5-T537

    Phone: +45 35 33 24 40

Industrially scalable bioprocessing in the agro-food chain with main focus on plant based raw materials. Participation in research projects, incl. EU projects, with companies, particularly involving SMEs, on development of sustainable bioprocessing methods for potato-, leguminous and rapeseed processing aiming at producing value added products by exploitation of process side streams. Scientific focus on high quality and nutritionally beneficial products for food and feed purposes, including a focus on food security e.g. related to protein availability and CO2 footprint. Methods are based on analytical biochemistry of raw materials and natural product chemistry knowledge base.Method development for identification and characterization has a particular focus on capillary electrophoresis and enzymatic assays as well as protein characterisation. Components investigated comprise glucosinolates, saponins and protein trypsin inhibitors and other bioactive food and feed components. Investigation of bioavailability and bioactivity using in vivo and in vitro methods.

ID: 6116086