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Thi Tem Dang

Thi Tem Dang

PhD fellow

I am a Ph.D student in Food Chemistry, commencing 2015. My doctoral research, part of TECHSHELL project, focuses on the application of sustainable technologies (high pressure processing, microwave, ultrasound, enzyme, etc.) in improvement of peelability, peeling yield and induced quality of cold water shrimp. My research also examines the protein behavior and markers during the shell-loosening process of the shrimp carried out by the peeling-assisted technologies. Prior to entering the Ph.D program, I worked on modification of dietary fiber from rice bran at University of Alberta, Canada, where I obtained my MSc degree. In an additional project, I worked on starch extraction and fractionation, starch modification into resistant starch, and wheat starch granule behavior. Industrially, I had time to work as a seafood inspector for a French food trading company in Vietnam, which helped me gain greater insight into mutually industrial-academic collaborative needs in food research and processing.

Primary fields of research

  • Food processing
  • Protein
  • Enzymology
  • Carbohydrate

Current research

PhD project: Sustainable technologies for the optimization of shrimp production

Supervisor: Vibeke Orlien

ID: 137449610