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Roberto Flore

Roberto Flore


Chef. Head of Culinary Research & Development. Nordic Food Lab.

Leading the gastronomic research at the Lab and responsible for the gastronomic output.

Exploring the edible potentiality of Scandinavian products and find new producers. Developing international networking with other universities, laboratories, and similar laboratories

Teaching a part of the master class in Food Innovation and Health at the University of Copenhagen. Working in connection with PHD developing products.

Contributing with lecture in Master courses. Co Supervising Master Students.

Leading the gastronomic area related to  the project "Deliciousness of Insects".Velux founded project.

Contribuiting in the InValuable project . Contributing in the VeggiEat project.

Traveling around the world, researching and documenting the gastronomic heritage of the entomophagy cultures. Developing in the lab new dishes using insect as innovative ingredient able to improve taste and food diversity.Guideing interns at the lab. 

Protagonist in BUGS movie: world premiere Tribeca film festival 2016.

Co-author of Phaidon book "On eating Insects, Essays, Stories and Recipes" publication date March 2017  

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