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Annemarie Olsen

Annemarie Olsen

  • Sensory and Consumer Science

    Rolighedsvej 30

    1958 Frb. C

    Phone: +45 35 33 10 18

I work at the Faculty of Science, Department of Food Science in the section for Sensory and Consumer research. I work with various types of research related to human eating behavior in the area of sensory and consumer research, primarily focusing on children. Main topics are different intervention strategies to direct current food preferences in a healthier direction, and investigating how contextual factors influence both our food choices as well as amounts consumed.

I also teach and supervise students at all academic levels, and I serve as Head of Studies for the MSc programme in Food Innovation and Health (previously named 'Gastronomy and Health').

Primary fields of research

  • Sensory Science
  • Consumer Science
  • Food Choice and Acceptance
  • Children's Food Preferences


  • Food Choice and Acceptance (MSc course).
  • Supervision within Sensory and Consumer Science (BSc theses, MSc theses, and projects outside of scope).

ID: 4234166