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Anne Nordmark Murmann

Anne Nordmark Murmann

PhD fellow

I work as a PhD student at the Food Chemistry section, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, where I also gained my MSc in Food Science and Technology 2013.

My main research area is investigating new defence systems against beer oxidation, with focus on the antioxidative role of protein-derived thiols in beer. The aim of my research is to increase the flavor stability of beer 

Project title:

”New defence systems against beer oxidation”


  • Thiol and sulfite quantification by fluorescence measurements with HPLC.
  • Protein precipitations followed by SDS-PAGE.
  • HPLC method optimization for the detection and quantification of the thiol groups.
  • Laboratory Fermentations with specific yeast strains.

Primary fields of research

  • Uncovering whether protein-derived thiols in beer are protein or peptide-bound.
  • The ability of sulfite to reduce oxidized thiols.
  • The ability of thioredoxin to reduce oxidized thiols.
  • Optimizing HPLC method to detect, separate and quantify different thiol compounds in beer. 

ID: 84103001