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Jens Christian Sørensen

Jens Christian Sørensen

Associate Professor

Research focuses on naturally occurring compounds relevant in a food and feed perspective, with a current particular focus on plant products (from crucifers, leguminous seeds and potatoes). An integrated approach is applied through studies of the entire pool of nutritionally and functionally important compounds in the matrices. Chemical and biochemical investigations comprise studies of molecular interactions and reactivity of compounds of relevance for health, nutrition and value generation of the starting matrices. The overall aim is to generate the biochemically scientific basis for generation of novel added-value products from the agri-food sector through selective and gentle separation of specialty products, e.g. native proteins, specialty lipids and individual bioactive compounds.

Research related to analytical biochemistry is directed at studies of natural product metabolism as well as characterization and quality assessments of food and feed. Analytical methods are developed and used for various bioactive groups of compounds (e.g. amino acids, peptides, glucosinolates incl. their degradation products, phenolic compounds, vitamins, carbohydrates) as well as major food and feed constituents (mainly proteins incl. relevant enzymes, lipids incl. phospholipids and dietary fibres).

Research related to enzymology involves 1) enzyme purification and protein characterization, 2) measurement of activity, 3) characterization of kinetic parameters, 4) binding studies and 5) studies of metabolic fate of food components.

Current research projects include development of bioprocessing technologies directed at production of value added food ingredients originating from agricultural crops as e.g. cruciferous oilseeds, vegetables, grain legumes and potatoes. Optimization of industrial side streams is also targeted.

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