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Paula Szymczak

Paula Szymczak

PhD Student

PhD Thesis: Phage receptors and host range determinants of industrial phages from Streptococcus thermophilus

Supervisors: Finn K. Vogensen, Associate professor (KU), Thomas Janzen, PhD (Chr. Hansen A/S)

During my PhD project I am going to analyze the genome of Streptococcus thermophiles - an important lactic acid bacterium for fermentation. The aim is to identify the general genetic clusters coding for the phage receptors on the streptococcal cell wall. Furthermore, I am going to map those regions to the host range determinants of the phages. My investigation could enable development of phage resistant mutants with a broad protective range.

Primary fields of research

MSc Thesis: Development of a method for tracking industrially important strains of Lactococcus lactis using the Next Generation Sequencing approach

Supervisors: Finn K. Vogensen, Associate professor (KU), Witold Kot, Post-doc (KU)

The main objective of my Master's project was to develop a method for tracking Lactococcus lactisduring the fermentation process. We have investigated the potential of four gene regions localized within the cell wall polysaccharide operon. The method relied on sequencing amplicons using the MiSeq Illumina technology. It revealed the high potential to be used for fast tracking of the composition of complex cultures, which are commonly used in dairy fermentations.

ID: 130226730