Shyam Suwal

Shyam Suwal

Assistant professor

My main research interest is to develop novel and sustainable dairy processing technologies and ingredients. My research program will (a) study the application of membrane filtration processes individually and in combination to produce milk concentrates with specific composition and functional properties directed towards obtaining desired final product quality; (b) evaluate the effect of non-thermal processes such as HHP, PEF, HPH, etc on the structure, interactions, and aggregation of proteins and their effect on membrane performance; and (c) develop novel dairy dairy ingredients (bioactive peptides, protein enriched beverages, etc.).

The aim is to produce milk or whey protein concentrates including all constituents and (partial) removal or enrichment of certain constituents to change not only the concentration level, but also the balance between constituents. The sequence of membrane technologies will be varied and further combined, if necessary with (thermal, non-thermal or mechanical) technologies, to obtain the required stability for either direct further processing, e.g. into powders, or for storage and transportation before reconstitution and/or further processing into dairy products.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to collaborate or to know more about my specific projects. 

ID: 203153713