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Glykeria Koutina

Glykeria Koutina


My postdoc project (StrucSat) concerns to show, at a fundamental level, how food structure can be used to affect satiety. Based on better understanding of interactions at a molecular level between selected food components (milk proteins, polysaccharides), model foods with different structures and different digestibility rates will be developed. Digestion (both in vitro and in vivo) and physiological responses (energy uptake and satiety) will be quantified and related to the molecular and structural parameters.

StrucSat is multidisciplinary research effort with several partners both from academia and industry and both in a national and international level.  

Primary fields of research

  • Experience with milk protein gels and calcium interactions on milk and yoghurt
  • Compositional analytical methods in milk and dairy products such as yogurt and cheese
  • Dairy chemistry, microbiology and technology
  • Protein analysis and chemistry in milk and milk products
  • Milk mineral chemistry
  • Ionic calcium measurement in milk and dairy products
  • Rheological, microscopically and texture analysis methods in yogurt and cheese


  • Instructor on protein lecture at the MSc course Food Science & Culinary Techniques (from 2013 until today)
  • Laboratory Instructor at the BSc course Fødevarekemi (2013)

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